Why is there a membership fee for My Wedding Binder when other sites are free?
Well….define free.  While there are some other sites out there that don’t charge you money to become a member, you certainly are paying for it in other ways.  Most free sites make money by selling your personal information, which gives hundreds of advertiser’s access to your e-mail address and shipping address.  Additionally, you’re getting what you pay for.  You can pay nothing and get access to a very basic site or a very chaotic and hard to use site, or for the same price that you might pay to buy an actual three ring binder, you can get online access to amazing and easy to use tools, custom made and personalized for you, plus your privacy is protected.

I recently entered some information and when I logged back on it was gone.  What happened? 
On all of our input pages there are “save” buttons on both the top and the bottom.  Make sure you press save after entering your information.  This will ensure that your items are still there the next time you log on.

How many days in advance can I enter an appointment and receive a text or e-mail reminder?
In order to receive text or e-mail reminders, you will need to set your appointment at least 2 days in advance on your calendar.

Can I exchange tips and information with other users? 
My Wedding Binder purposely does not have an on-site blog, because we know that most of our users want to use our site for “business” only.  If you wish to speak with other My Wedding Binder members, you can join our exclusive Facebook group where you can speak with other members, share stories, and swap suggestions.

What is the feature request form for? 
We are constantly looking to add features to our site in order to give our users the best experience possible.  If you have any ideas or suggestions, please use the feature request form to let us know what new features you would like to see added to the site.  If we like your idea we will work to implement it.

I added all of my wedding guests, but they are not showing up on my seating chart?  Why? 
Your guests will not show up on your seating chart page until they RSVP “yes” and you enter that they will be attending your wedding.  Once you check off that your guests are attending the wedding, all of those coming will show up on your seating chart page.

If you have any other questions contact us at info@myweddingbinder.com