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Easy to use, with helpful tips, useful tools, and advanced organizational features, My Wedding Binder will make the difficult task of staying organized an easy one!

Welcome to MyWeddingBinder Where Brides-To-Be Come to Create Their Wedding Bliss!

First and foremost, we want to congratulate you on your engagement! This is such an exciting time in your life full of love, friendship and happiness. Yet it can also be a time filled with confusion and frustration if you do not surround yourself with the right support.

Our goal with myWeddingBinder is to effortlessly create the wedding of your dreams for you, so you don't have to turn into another clichéd Bridezilla.

We know how easy it is to feel overwhelmed when thinking about your big day. We've been there. Planning a wedding can at times take the joy out of being engaged. With so many decisions to be made, last minute details to plan and family members to please at times running away and eloping seems so inviting. We have found that being organized and knowing what to do is paramount to pulling off a successful wedding celebration.

MyWeddingBinder enables you to hold on to your wedding day fantasy and effortlessly turn that fantasy into a reality by guiding you through the wedding planning process. Think of us as your own personalized wedding planners. We will hold your hand every step of the way as you navigate through this unchartered territory you suddenly find yourself in.

MyWeddingBinder was established by industry professionals, wedding experts and experienced brides to help even the most un-organized bride-to-be get hitched without a hitch.

Our wedding planning tools are specifically created for the bride-to-be. We call them the B.R.I.D.E. Advantage because they really do give you a leg up. They will guide you through the entire wedding planning process at a pace you are comfortable with. Whether you want to make sure your Great-Aunt Eva is seated as far away from the band as possible, a reminder to block hotel rooms for your out-of-town guests, or you want to make sure the florist sticks to your budget, we have got you covered. You can register for our B.R.I.D.E. Advantage Tools here.

We also have amazing checklists full of advice, tips and shortcuts written by bridal professionals to help you along your wedding planning journey. Make sure you're a subscriber so you don't miss any wedding planning secrets – its FREE.

“My Wedding Binder feels more like "My Wedding Personal Assistant." They have freaking EVERYTHING that you'd ever need.” ~Megan

“We all agree that having tools like My Wedding Binder around is cause for celebration indeed.” ~Roger

“This site is AMAZING! It took me a long time to finally find a planning site that catered my my needs and did not give me a headache just logging on! A MUST HAVE for brides-to-be!” ~Susan

As pioneers in the online wedding planning industry, our experience and expertise has paved the way for thousands of brides-to-be to effortlessly plan their special day since 2009. We know how to create magic with any budget, destination, size or type of wedding. Whether you are planning an outdoor wedding in a remote forest in Brazil, an intimate gathering in your grandfather's village or an extravagant affair overlooking the Eiffel Tower, we have the tools to enable you to seamlessly plan your special day.

We were founded by a bride-to-be, like yourself, who was suddenly thrown into a wedding planning whirlwind when the love of her life proposed to her. Self-proclaimed as “the most unorganized person alive,” she found the wedding planning process to be quite tedious as she couldn't find any tools to help her keep her things in order. She bought a bulky wedding binder, but it soon became a complete mess. She scoured the web hoping to find a sophisticated wedding planning site, but everything she came across was limited in its offering or had too many distracting ads that ended up making her feel more overwhelmed than she already was.

Vowing to never let another bride-to-be experience the confusion and stress she felt when planning their special day, she teamed up with wedding planning experts, industry professionals and other brides to create myWeddingBinder, a site that can make even the most unorganized bride feel like a pro.

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We know your wedding is a celebration worth having! We are committed to taking out all the stress created from the planning process, so you can enjoy your magical day.

To Your Wedded Bliss,
The MyWeddingBinder Team